Wholesale Natural Grass-fed Beef Prices

For prices on 1/4 or 1/2 of a cow, see our Specials page.


Natural Grass Fed Beef

EXTRA LEAN GROUND BEEF $8.75/lb. $19.25/kg.
EXT. LN. HAMBURGER PATTIES (4/pk) $9.50/lb. $20.90/kg.
HOT ITALIAN SAUSAGES $9.75/lb. $21.45/kg.
BREAKFAST SAUSAGES $9.75/lb. $21.45/kg.
SMOKIES $10.25/lb. $22.55/kg.
SMOKED GARLIC SAUSAGE RING $10.50/lb. $23.10/kg.
NON-SMOKED GARLIC SAUSAGES $9.75/lb. $21.45/kg.
(Sausages are made from pure, natural beef only, using high quality spices. No fillers, binders or preservatives)
EXT.LN. BEEF SALAMI $9.75/lb. $21.45/kg.
STEWING BEEF $9.25/lb. $20.35/kg.
BEEF SHORT RIBS $8.75/lb. $19.25/kg.
PRIME RIBS (MEATY BONES) $9.95/lb. $21.89/kg.
EXT. LN BEEF BACON $11.75/lb. $25.85kg.



TENDERLOIN STEAK (Steaks or whole) $32.00/lb. $70.40/kg.
RIB-EYE STEAK $22.00/lb. $48.40/kg.
N.Y. STEAK $21.50/lb. $47.30/kg.
T-BONE STEAK $16.50/lb. $36.30/kg.
BONELESS SIRLOIN STEAK $13.95/lb. $30.69/kg.
FLANK STEAK $11.75/lb. $25.85/kg.
PR. RIB STEAK $20.95/lb. $46.09/kg.
WING STEAK $12.75/lb. $28.05/kg.
CROSS-RIB STEAK $ 8.75/lb. $19.25/kg.
SIRLOIN TIP STEAK $10.75/lb. $23.65/kg.
ROUND STEAK & CHUCK STEAK $8.75/lb. $19.25/kg.



PRIME RIB ROAST $21.75/lb. $47.85kg.
EYE OF ROUND ROAST $10.25/lb. $22.55kg.
SIRLOIN TIP ROAST $10.75/lb. $23.65/kg.
CROSS-RIB, ROUND, RUMP & CHUCK $ 9.75/lb. $21.45/kg.
BRISKET (ROLLED OR FLAT) $ 9.25/lb. $20.35/kg.


Bones & Organ Meats

BEEF SOUP BONES $4.95/lb. $10.89/kg.
OXTAIL SOUP BONES $5.50/lb. $12.10/kg.
BEEF LIVER $6.75/lb. $14.85/kg.
BEEF HEART $5.25/lb. $11.55/kg.
BEEF KIDNEY, TENDONS, Black Straps $2.50/lb. $5.50/kg.
BEEF TONGUE $3.95/lb. $8.69/kg.


Our Cattle live a NATURAL lifestyle, are closely monitored and are raised in an environmentally-sustainable way. They graze on NATURAL foothills grasses and in winter are fed NATURAL hay from NATURAL hayfields as well as graze on NATURAL grasses. ALL GRASS-FED- NO GRAIN.

NO steroids, NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO herbicides or pesticides, NO chemical fertilizers, NO genetically modified feed and NO fillers.

Our cattle are humanely slaughtered and are inspected to provincial and federal standards.

Our beef is naturally lean, tender and flavourful.


All beef is frozen.
Packaging: Brown Waxed Paper.
Minimum Order: $125.

Delivery Charges may apply.

All Sales Final.

Prices may vary due to demand and market fluctuations. Substitutions may be given.

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